Final layout

All done!!! With pleasure I show you my final layout, all the blocks are now quilted and I started joining them together.

 Some stats:
Started: 12th May 2013
Finished blocks: 31st December 2013
Number of blocks: 81
Number of pieces:1533

 Next to do join all the blocks together and planning a border. 

Wish you all a Happy New Year!!

F4 - Old Windmill

My second block for today. Now it means cutting lots of 1" and 1 1/2" strips for sashing and starting assembling the quilt. I still don't know about the border, but have some idea. 
Technique: machine piecing
Number of pieces: 13

E2 - Merry May

Last day of the year and last two blocks for my Liberty Dear Jane. Here comes the first one.
Technique: machine piecing + appliqué
Number of pieces: 11


Quilt As You Go Tutorial

OK, here I am and I'll try to make a little tutorial to show you how I asseble my finished blocks with the QAYG method.

1. Step

Take two blocks. Be sure they are 5".

2. Step
Cut two sashing strips, one 1" and one 1 1/4".

3. Step

Add the 1 1/4" sashing to the back of your block pinning in place, then add the 1" sashing to the front of your block and pin in place.

4. Step
Sew all this sandwich together using a 1/4" seam allowance.

5. Step

Flip the front sashing and press, put the second block right sight on top of the sashing, lining up the raw edges. Pin in place and stitch again using 1/4" seam allowance.

6. Step
Press your sashing. Now your blocks are toghter on the front.

7. Step
Flip over your blocks to the back, turn under your sashing and make sure it is 1/2" wide. Slip stitch the sashing into position.

DONE!! Now join all your blocks together like this and join the rows with a long sashing that measures the complete lengh of you row.

C9 - Jane's Tears

And here my second block, easy one.
Technique: reverse appliqué
Number of pieces: 2

K4 - Thea's Turn

Two blocks for today and just two more to go!!!
Technique: machine piecing
Number of pieces: 17



Here I'll show you the layout for my Dear Jane. I will make only 81 blocks. This will be a lap quilt. All the blocks are already with their batting, backing and handquilted, just ready to be joined with sashing. Probably next week I'll post how I do it. 

H10 - Ben's Bowtie

One more block....only 4 to go!!! Easy peasy one for today.
Technique: machine piecing
Number of pieces: 26


G5 - Poof

Another new block. Since I decided that this quilt will be 9 x 9 blocks, I only have 5 more blocks to go. I already made a new layout for the center and during the next days I'll add all the blocks around.
Today's block is a bit smaller, but I'm sure I'll get it with the sashing.
Technique: paper piecing + appliqué
Number of pieces: 8


H5 - Michael's Motorcycle

Second block for today, lots of triangles, but fun to sew.

Technique: machine piecing
Number of pieces: 22

K9 - Scout's Honor

Two blocks for today. Both with the same fabric, I rally love those little flowers. Easy block.
Technique: machine piecing
Number of pieces: 21


K8 - -Springbrook Park

After another very long break here is one new block for my Liberty Dear Jane. I need some more darker blocks to give more variety into the quilt.
Technique: paper piecing
Number of pieces: 23